[WATCH] Joseph Muscat accuses PN MEPs of threatening Maltese jobs

In St Paul's Bay, the Labour leader tells voters to choose the six MEPs who will work for Malta

Joseph Muscat in St Paul's Bay
Joseph Muscat in St Paul's Bay

Joseph Muscat accused Nationalist Party MEPs of threatening Maltese jobs each time they run down the country with their criticism.

The Prime Minister said these MEPs were putting a spanner in the works of the country’s future.

“They are disrupting the future of your children; they are creating hurdles for those who want to invest here and those who work in factories,” Muscat charged. 

He was speaking at a party activity in St Paul’s Bay. Muscat urged people to choose the six MEPs who will work for their country.

“We have to make sure of defending jobs in Malta by electing MEPs who will always work for our country,” he said.

Labour MEP Miriam Dalli said the Labour movement was the only one capable of tackling the disparity in wages between men and women. “I urge our movement to address this issue. If we do not tackle this, nobody will,” she said.

Dalli insisted that Labour MEPs always defended Malta in the European Parliament.

She then reached out to young people, insisting they did not need a voice to represent them. “Young people have their own voice… what they need is the opportunity to flourish and innovate,” she added.

The voting age for all elections has been reduced to 16 and young people will be electing their MEPs for the first time on 25 May.

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