Immigration issues included in Libya peace talks

United Nations Special Representative to Libya, Bernardino Leon, confirms inclusion in letter sent to MEP Miriam Dalli

A discussion on irregular migration has been integrated into the Libya peace talks being lead by the United Nations.

In a letter penned to MEP Miriam Dalli, Bernardino Leon, the United Nations Special Representaitve to Libya (UNSMIL) who is concurrently leading the Libya peace talks, confirmed the inclusion of the issue in the high-level discussion

Leon's letter pertained a reply to a letter initiated by MEP Miriam Dalli earlier in April, which called for measures to prevent loss of life at the Libyan coast to be included on the forefront of the agenda of the ongoing peace talks between Libyan parties

Dalli's initiatve garnerd the support of 65 other MEPs, from various different political parties and member states. A similar letter was also sent to the European Union's High Representative, Federica Mogherini.  

In his reply, Leon expressed his agreement with the proposal for immigration to be an integral part of the current unity talks between Libya's two rival Governments. He also informed Dalli and the supporting MEPs that he has included the topic of irregular immigration and human trafficking within the ongoing process which aims at creating unity and stability in Libya and the Libyan Region.

"I would like to inform you that the current draft agreement, which is under consideration by the parties, includes specific reference on human trafficking and irregular migration, and that I regularly highlight with our Libyan interlocutors the responsibility of Libyan institutions and political actors in combatting human trafficking and reducing the loss of life on Libya's borders," said Leon.

Leon concluded his letter by reasserting his commitment to help ensure that Libya tackles the problem of human trafficking and illegal migration in full respect of international law.

In her reaction to Leon's reply, Dalli said that it is very positive to see Leon include her proposal within the ongoing negotiations.

"I hope that the ongoing negotiations have lasting results, as the situation of instability within Libya is becoming worse as the days pass. We need to ensure that what is happening in Libya and what is happening in the Mediterranean continues to be given due importance, until a solution is found. We must ensure that the situation in Libya is not sidestepped."

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