Bet365 admits Malta expansion, plays down major relocation of staff from Gibraltar

Bet365 will be increasing its infrastructural capabilities in Malta and recruiting more staff but firm says it will remain committed to Gibraltar after Brexit

Bet365 will be expanding its Malta operations
Bet365 will be expanding its Malta operations

Sports betting giant Bet365 has played down a report of a major relocation of staff to Malta from Gibraltar, according to the Gibraltar Chronicle.

However, the online betting firm, which holds a Class II sports betting licence from the Malta Gaming Authority, did confirm that it is increasing its operations in Malta.

News of Bet365’s relocation out of Gibraltar after Brexit next year, was disseminated by The Sunday Times of Malta yesterday.

The Maltese newspaper reported that Bet365 would be relocating some 1,000 employees from its Gibraltar base to Malta and in preparation for the expansion, the company had signed a promise of sale agreement for office space in Tigne, Sliema.

While confirming its expansion in Malta, Bet365 described the figures used in The Sunday Times of Malta report as “wholly inaccurate”.

“Due to regulatory developments in various jurisdictions and the evolving global regulatory environment for online betting and gaming, we have decided to increase our existing presence in Malta, which provides a mature and robust regulatory environment for the industry,” a spokesperson for Bet365 told the Gibraltar Chronicle.

The spokesperson also confirmed that the company was taking additional property space and looking to recruit additional personnel in Malta to support its online operations. Bet365 will also be expanding its infrastructure capabilities in Malta.

“It should be noted however, that the number of people reported as being relocated to Malta are wholly inaccurate. Notwithstanding these plans for Malta, we can confirm that we will be retaining our strong presence in, and commitment to, Gibraltar where our main operational hub is based and will continue to maintain our existing dual regulatory and licensing strategy and presence,” the spokesperson said.

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