[WATCH] Viva Malta is country’s anthem to beat the coronavirus blues

Watch singers Toni Camilleri and Kevin Borg entertain neighbours as the coronavirus stay-at-home message brings out the balcony entertainers

Toni Camilleri l-Għannej singing Viva Malta from his balcony
Toni Camilleri l-Għannej singing Viva Malta from his balcony

Locked in and bored may have to become the new normal as people stay inside to beat the coronavirus but for some it need not be all darkness.

The coronavirus pandemic has also brought out the best in people, trying to keep their spirits and that of others high by singing and playing instruments.

Malta has not been immune to this trend that started in Italian cities and spread across other countries.

And here, Freddie Portelli’s Viva Malta appears to have become the anthem of hope to beat the coronavirus blues.

Established singers, Toni Camilleri, l-Għannej, and Kevin Borg, pitched in at their respective residences to entertain neighbours.

On Facebook, an initiative is doing the rounds encouraging people to get out on their balconies and windows on Tuesday 17 March at 9pm to give the country’s healthcare workers a national standing ovation.

At a time of worry, it is initiatives like these that can keep spirits high.

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