Coronavirus: Nine new cases in Malta, total cases now are 73

Public health superintendent Charmaine Gauci delivers her daily Covid-19 update

Prof. Charmain Gauci
Prof. Charmain Gauci
12:45 Prof. Gauci says it remains essential for people to self-isolate because the risk of local contagion remains high. Matthew Vella
12:43 She says there is no cause for alarm from the recent coronavirus case concerning the Tal-Ibragg BOV bank. Matthew Vella
12:42 Prof. Charmaine Gauci is seeking people who visited the Balzan Pharmacy on a particular date to carry out self-isolation. Matthew Vella
12:40 An Indian national, 30, residing in Malta; unemployed, no travel history: he was in contact with a travel-related case. Matthew Vella
12:39 Maltese woman, 49, who had contact with another person already positive with coronavirus contracted through travel. She reported symptoms on 19 March; two household members live with her. A school worker, she last worked there on 2 March. No risk of contagion for those who worked with her. Matthew Vella
12:38 Maltese migrant to Australia who went into self-quarantine after travelling here from London also reported fever. Households members are under quarantine. Matthew Vella
12:38 25-year-old Maltese woman who returned from the UK to Malta. Went into self-quarantine on her own in an apartment. Contact-tracing of those on the flight home is underway. Matthew Vella
12:37 Maltese national, 55, with no travel history and no symptomatic contacts, reported symptoms 14 March with fever and muscle pain. He worked on 13 March, a day before symptoms emerged. Contact tracing ongoing. Matthew Vella
12:36 A foreign national in Malta, 41, who was not in contact with people living abroad. There is no clear indication of how this local transmission has occurred. Contact tracing of workmates is ongoing. Matthew Vella
12:36 A Somali person who works in Malta, 44 years, who flew to Brussels between 15-18 March, and reported fever and chest pain. He reported to Mater Dei yesterday after being in self-quarantine since he came to Malta. Matthew Vella
12:35 New cases: a woman whose relative reported being ill after returning from England. She reported symptoms on 19 March. She last reported attending university on 10 March. This is a controlled case. Household members are being tested. Matthew Vella
12:34 An elderly patient of 61 who was kept in the infectious diseases unit with pneumonia, is now in the ITU at Mater Dei as his situation has become more challenging. Matthew Vella
12:33 233 tests carried out yesterday, with 9 new cases, and 73 cases in total. Matthew Vella

Public Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci will be providing the latest updates surrounding Covid-19 at 12:30 pm.

The media will be briefed at the Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Directorate situated in Gwardamangia.

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On Friday 11 new cases of Coronavirus were registered, including the first case found in Gozo.

One of the new cases, an elderly person who had remained quarantined, developed complications, and is being treated at Mater Dei Hospital’s Infectious Disease Unit.

Gauci also urged people to adhere to public health authorities' appeals to avoid congregating in large groups.

“Some are still going to places where many people congregate. It is each and every one of us who has the responsibility to not congregate anywhere, since there is now local transmission and it is easy to catch the virus. Meeting en masse means putting yourself, your family and the whole nation at risk,” she said.

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