[WATCH] Saved by the President, Delia turns his sights on ‘corrupt Labour government’

Adrian Delia delivers livestreamed address without any questions from the press after being confirmed Opposition leader

Adrian Delia
Adrian Delia

Opposition leader Adrian Delia emerged triumphant as the Constitutionally recognised leader of the party in opposition, after 16 MPs out of his 28 MPs declared to the President they had lost trust in him. 

In a livestreamed press conference with no press invited to pitch questions, Delia hit out at the Labour government over its corruption scandals, and accused it of having lost its socialist credentials. 

“Today nobody won. We will only win when we will learn how to strengthen ourselves, when we do good for our country... thousands this week were hurt over the cleavage we have been through. We need to walk, together and united... I will walk the whole road, for the PN to do its utmost to face up to this government.” 

Delia said he would be reaching out to voters in every village, to bring home the PN’s message and to promote its mission as the alternative to the Labour government. 

The decision was greeted with satisfaction by the Nationalist Party itself in a separate statement, confirming that 90(2) of the Maltese Constitution only provided for the leader of the greatest party in opposition to be appointed Opposition leader. The PN added that its own statute only provides for its party leader to act as Opposition leader. 

“The party appeals to those who genuinely love their country, to work together in scrutinising this government in the fight against corruption and in favour of justice and truth.”