COVID-19: PN flags 'uncertainties' over precautionary measures aboard Gozo Channel

Nationalist Party says government is showing it is not prepared to face a second wave of COVID-19

The Nationalist Party has flagged what it is calling “uncertainties” over the enforcement of COVID-19 measures aboard the Gozo Channel Ferry.

“Despite workers’ concerns, the company’s administration and government are doing little to nothing to address the issue,” the PN said.

On Monday, a Gozo Channel worker told Lovin Malta that ships do not have the human resources needed to enforce mask wearing on board.

With only a staff of 11 people, the worker also spoke about the daunting task of enforcing such regulation, with reports of threats and psychical assaults towards the employees.

The PN said that it shouldn’t be the employees’ responsibility to ensure masks are worn, as they are not trained to carry out such a job.

It also said that contact with passengers who do not observe regulation puts the workers at risk.

“Government is showing that is not ready to face the spread of COVID-19, which is obviously rearing its head once again,” the PN said.

The PN called on government to address the issue, and ensure that the proper system is in place so that all necessary measures are taken.

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