Italy imposes mandatory swabbing on all incoming Maltese travellers

Swab test for travellers to and from Malta will be done in Malta before travelling or upon arrival at Italian airport

All people travelling from Malta to Italy will have to present a certificate of having undergone a COVID-19 swab test in the 72 hours prior to entry into Italy, and a proven negative result.

The rules come into force today after an Italian health ordinance was issued to present a swab certificate for testing for COVID-19.

Alternatively, people travelling from Malta may take a “swab test upon arrival at the Italian airport, port or border place or at a specified local health authority within 48 hours of entering Italian territory,” the Italian health ministry added.

On 11 August, Italy was merely considering plans to introduce rapid testing for COVID-19 in its ports, airports and border crossings for arrivals from several countries, including Malta, after a spike in new cases according to Italian health minister Roberto Speranza.

On 12 August, Sicilians returning home from their holidays in Malta, Greece and Spain had to go into quarantine before getting tested for coronavirus, as decreed by regional governor Nello Musumeci after a spike in COVID-19 cases among Sicilian residents who returned from holidays in Malta.

People who have stayed or passed through Malta must also communicate their entry into Italian territory to the Prevention Department of the competent Italian Health Authority.

These new obligations also apply to anyone travelling from Malta in transit in Italy and extends to people entering Italy from Croatia, Greece and Spain.

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