[WATCH] Make use of pharmacy infrastructure for better vaccine roll out, Grech tells government

Nationalist Leader Bernard Grech says using existing pharmacy infrastructure within localities would fast-track the COVID-19 vaccine roll out  

Opposition leader Bernard Grech
Opposition leader Bernard Grech

The Nationalist Party leader Bernard Grech has called on government to make use of already existing pharmacy infrastructure within communities to improve the COVID-19 vaccine roll out.

Speaking during a political event in Birkirkara, the Opposition leader said government has already taken on board recommendations by the PN to make use of family doctors for a more efficient vaccine roll out.

“Every person who takes the vaccine, would mean a step closer to normality,” Grech said.

On the Steward Health Care hospital concessions, Grech said government is now hostage to a situation it started.

“It is now evident that after years of waiting, they are proving us right. They are trying to remove that contract with the €100 million fine looming over them,” he said.

Under a Nationalist administration, ARMS will be paying consumers the same amount per unit of clean energy generated, at the same cost per energy unit used, leader Bernard Grech said.

The Opposition leader said the PN looks to improve the current system used to pay for sustainable energy units.

Grech said the energy bills authority pays consumers 7.5 cents per clean energy unit generated from appliances like solar panels, but consumers are obliged to pay 10.5 cents per energy unit used.

The strategy will be published in the coming days, Grech said, who insisted measures like these highlight the difference in strategy between the two parties.

He also praised MPs Beppe Fenech Adami, Ryan Callus and Karol Aquilina for exposing the truth in their work on the Public Accounts Committee, for exposing the realities behind the Electrogas deal. 

Referring to a damning auditor general report published earlier this week, which showed the country had only recycled 1% of plastic thrown away, Grech highlighted government’s failure in dealing with waste.

“Government is wasting European funds with its inaction,” he said.

Grech also said the decision to build an incinerator on Maghtab was politically motivated, with government already setting its sights on the area without the necessary studies being carried out.