Government and police union reach agreement over quarantine leave

Members of the police force will no longer lose out on sick leave if they have to undergo quarantine or test positive for COVID-19

An agreement has been reached between the Ministry for Internal Affairs and the Police Officers Union (POU) within the General Workers' Union on working conditions relating to compulsory quarantine arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through this agreement, the police will not be losing certain allowances to which they are entitled when they are undergoing a period of compulsory quarantine upon order from the Public Health Authorities or while on sick leave because they are positive for COVID-19.

The POU had ordered its members not to shave or wear a hat or tie to work, if they want, unless they start being granted quarantine leave or sick leave in the event that they test positive for COVID-19.

The union had previously complained that the days police spent in quarantine were deducted from their sick leave.

During a meeting between the Ministry and POU, it was explained that the government has every intention of continuing to support the police who are seen as frontliners in the fight against COVID-19. In fact, it has done so with various initiatives over the last few years and will continue to do so in the future.