PN says Labour Party must apologise for wrongdoing

The Nationalist Party says that while an apology will not be enough, it is the first step in the right direction

Nationalist candidates Ivan Bartolo (left) and Paula Mifsud Bonnici (right)
Nationalist candidates Ivan Bartolo (left) and Paula Mifsud Bonnici (right)

The Labour Party should apologise for government officials' wrongdoing, Nationalist Party candidate Ivan Bartolo insisted. However, he warned that an apology may not be enough but was a start.

Speaking at a press conference alongside PN candidate Paula Mifsud Bonnici, Bartolo said an apology was the first step in the party taking accountability for their wrongdoing and seeking to correct it. 

Echoing that sentiment, Mifsud Bonnici said that Prime Minister Robert Abela and the Labour Party owe the public an apology. "Every week, a new story is revealed, damaging the reputation of our country," she said, adding that many people now see the government as an organisation that does not serve the best interest of the public but only themselves. 

"The public is waiting for the prime minister to shoulder the responsibility and then apologise. The words of Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca mean nothing if the prime minister and the Labour Party are not willing to act on it," Mifsud Bonnici said. 

"Remember, the people did not vote for corruption; they did not vote for contracts to go to friends," she added. 

Bartolo said the PN was ready to work with the people as one country to put Malta and Gozo back on "the road to prosperity." 

Asked to react to comments made by blogger Manuel Delia, stating that the PL should disband, Bartolo said he did not personally agree and that it would not be in Malta's best interest as a democracy. 

Bartolo added that people were starting to flock back to the PN because they were beginning to see past Labour's facade and realise it was not a party for all but for a few.

"The way forward is the PN. The people realise that the members of the party today, the people within Robert Abela's Cabinet, were there in 2013; they were there when the decisions were being taken," Bartolo insisted. 

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