Case of thrombosis found in patient that took COVID-19 vaccine

The Malta Medicines Authority is investigating whether there is a link between the vaccine and this case of thrombosis

Health authorities are informed about a 58-year-old person suffering from thrombosis weeks after taking the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

The person took a first dose of the vaccine 15 days ago. The case was reported to the Malta Medicines Authority to investigate whether there is any link between the two.

According to the Ministry for Health, the person is in stable condition.

Health authorities noted that the European Medicines Authority has continued to advise that the risks of the vaccine are rare and much lower than the risks associated with COVID-19.

"Expert advice remains that the vaccine is the only effective way we can fight the Covid-19 outbreak," a ministry statement reads.

There had been two other cases of blood clotting reported to the Medicines Authority in people who received the COVID-19 vaccine were unrelated to the inoculation.

The Public Health Superintendent had said the cases related to two individuals who took the AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines respectively.