Church funds pro-life lobby’s ‘evangelist’ for Catholic schools

Church schools issue call on behalf of pro-life lobby group Life Network Foundation for teacher tasked to ‘discourage anti-life attitudes’

Life Network Foundation chairperson Miriam Sciberras
Life Network Foundation chairperson Miriam Sciberras

The Secretariat for Catholic Education has issued a call to recruit a teacher to “inform, raise awareness, and strengthen the commitment for life-affirming choices and behaviour” on behalf of the pro-life lobby group Life Network Foundation.

The teacher will be stationed at kindergarten, primary, secondary and post-secondary schools in Malta and Gozo to provide “engaging learning experiences for all students” and “actively discourage anti-life attitudes and behaviour and promote life-affirming choices.”

The duties include providing the appropriate “intervention through direct and direct strategies, including classroom sessions, fora, seminars, staff development meetings, and other preventive work.”

The full-time teaching appointment, pegged at €22,000 per annum, will be subject to the rules of the Secretariat for Catholic Education, but the duties will also be directed “from time to time” by the Chair of the Life Network Foundation, or the Delegate for Catholic Education in the latter’s absence.

Other duties include: providing learners and other individuals with “accurate information about life related issues and human dignity and making them aware of the potential consequences of lack of human dignity”; enabling learners to make “empowering, informed choices by increasing knowledge, challenging attitudes and developing life affirming choices”; and delivering life affirming programmes according to Catholic Church teachings.