[WATCH] Abela refuses to confirm whether police questioned him under caution

Labour minister Carmelo Abela questioned by police investigators over allegations by Degiorgio brothers on 2010 HSBC heist

Minister Carmelo Abela
Minister Carmelo Abela
Abela refuses to confirm whether police questioned him under caution

Police investigators have spoken to brothers George and Alfred Degiorgio – the alleged Caruana Galizia assassins – of their knowledge about the 2010 HSBC heist, in which they have implicated Labour minister Carmelo Abela, who was then an HSBC employee, as an accomplice.

Police today called in Abela for further questioning over the details give by the Degiorgios.

The Degiorgios have requested a pardon for information they have on a former Labour minister as well as a sitting minister, and two middlemen, over their connections to both the Caruana Galizia assassination and other major crimes. They have been refused the pardon by the Cabinet of ministers, and have now filed a constitutional case challenging the refusal.

Minister Carmelo Abela today confirmed he had been called in for questioning, but insisted that he was never called up personally as a witness to testify in the 2010 compilation of evidence on the HSBC heist.

Abela said he had been asked to appear in court as a representative of the bank, not personally, where he answered questions related to the Cotag system, a security access system for the HSBC bank vault in Qormi.

“I have answered all questions and I have nothing to hide. I want the whole truth to emerge,” Abela said. “But I will take all steps to fight this lie,” he said with respect to a libel case he filed against Nationalist MP Jason Azzopardi.

Azzopardi alluded to Abela being directly implicated in the HSBC heist, after originally making reference to claims made by Vincent Muscat ‘il-Koħħu’ in his second request for a pardon. Muscat is slated to appear in a trial by jury for his involvement in the HSBC heist, together with Daren Debono ‘it-Topo’ and another accomplice, Fabio Psaila.

“Azzopardi and Bernard Grech have shown themselves willing to associate with criminals just to reach their political aims. It is evident they are collaborating with them,” Abela claimed in a Facbeook post.