Elderly in care homes can go out from 19 July

Active Aging Minister Michael Farrugia announces the fifth release of restrictions in care homes 

Elderly in care homes will be allowed to leave the facility from 19 July, Active Aging Minister Michael Farrugia said.

During a press conference on Friday, Farrugia announced the lifting of more restrictions in care homes as new infections in the country remained low and the vaccination rollout continued to pick up pace.

From 3 July, the elderly in care homes can have up to two visitors in their rooms provided both persons are vaccinated. The elderly in care homes will also be allowed a one-hour visit in the morning and a one and a half-hour visit in the afternoon.

Farrugia said due to different meal times at the various care homes the exact times would be at their discretion. 

The wearing of face masks remains mandatory. 

Active Aging Minister Michael Farrugia
Active Aging Minister Michael Farrugia

From 19 July the elderly will be able to go outside on their own.

The restrictions on the number of elderly who can attend day centres will also be removed.

Vaccination figures 

Farrugia also said that from April to June 26,255 vaccines were administered to the elderly. 

Pfizer: 13,071 first doses, 12,689 second doses - total of 25,760 vaccines. 

AstraZeneca: 253 first doses, 242 second doses - a total of 495 vaccines.