Female prisoner dead after attempting suicide last June

The nature of her death is unknown, but a psychiatrist who visited the prisoner a few days ago did not mention any suicide risks

A female prisoner who had attempted suicide last June has died at Mater Dei Hospital, where she was being kept for treatment.

According to a statement from the Correctional Services Agency, the prisoner was being continuously monitored by a psychiatrist, with the last visit having taken place a few days ago.

The psychiatrist had commented that the prisoner was doing good progress, with no risk of suicide mentioned.

When the incident happened last June,  prison authorities said the woman was found out of her senses inside her cell. She was seen to by the prison doctor and nurses, before being taken to hospital for emergency care.

News of the attempt raised serious concerns about the state of Malta’s prison, which has the highest growth rate in incarceration as well as the highest suicide rate.

An inquiry into the matter is being led by Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech.