Real estate intermediaries have until 17 September to apply for license

People working as real estate intermediaries without a licence will risk penalties at law come next year

Parliamentary Secretary for Construction Chris Agius
Parliamentary Secretary for Construction Chris Agius

People working as intermediaries in the real estate sector will need to apply for a license by 17 September in order to continue doing so, or risk breaking the law, Parliamentary Secretary for Construction Chris Agius told a press conference.

The requirement is part of a new set of regulations unveiled a year ago necessitating licenses for real estate agents, brokers and consultants.

Work has been underway over the last year, according to Agius, for the sector to become regularised come the target date of 1 January, 2022. He explained how a large number of intermediaries have already concluded or are reading courses leading to a property-selling qualification.

He reminded all those interested in applying for a license to submit the required documentation, including a questionnaire, on the real estate webpage no later than 17 September.

He stressed that those who miss the deadline will not be guaranteed a license by 1 January 2022,and risk penalties at law if they continue to work without one.

Agius noted how all those interested in a license were to have declared as much by 31 March, and that around 1,500 had done so.

The Parliamentary Secretary took the opportunity to pay tribute to the memory of Dr Katrina Borg Cardona, who was Chairperson of the Licensing Board until she passed away last week. He mentioned how much she had been making a major contribution toward regulatory improvements, and conveyed his condolences to her family.