Climate change: Opposition focused on criticising not providing alternatives, PM says

Prime Minister Robert Abela calls out opposition for never coming forward with proposals on climate change, despite its criticism of government

Prime Minister Robert Abela has called out the opposition for never coming forward with proposals on climate change, despite its criticism of government.

“Everyone has to understand this is a challenge which needs a collective effort to be overcome,” Abela said

Speaking during a phone-in interview on party radio station ONE Radio, the PM said government has already laid out its commitment to combat climate change, with the introduction of new measures and projects.

“Per capita, we are the European country with the least amount of emissions. This is attributed to capital projects like the new power station and the interconnector,” he said.

He also said government is incentivising the private sector to shift towards more sustainable practices.

On the issue, Abela hit out at the opposition “for always criticising” but never offering solutions.

“During Gonzi’s time, emissions from the energy sector increased by 10%, but it was a Labour government which pulled them back by 40%,” he said. “In 2012, the country’s sulphur oxide levels were the same as Switerland’s, a country 20 times our size.”

He said the PN is only focused on conflict.

“Has anyone heard any suggestions from the PN? They only criticise,” he said.

Abela insisted government’s climate change strategy will not overlook the social realities of people in the country.

“The decisions we are, and will be taking, are social decisions not only environmental ones,” he said.

Speaking on school reopening, Abela said government is working on ensuring students make the most out of their scholastic experience.

“We will be doing everything to ensure our students do not miss out on any part of their scholastic experience, such as the development of their life skills,” the PM said.

He also said the vaccination of teachers and certain student age groups will be a crucial factor for government’s reopening strategy.

During his concluding statements, the PM said government is working on the upcoming budget.

“We want the best future for our country,” he said.