Marsaskala yacht marina: Grech vows to repeal current plans, presses on proper consultation

Grech isn't pleased with the existing plans, but is yet to rule out a Marsaskala yacht marina completely

Opposition leader Bernard Grech has vowed to repeal the current plans for a yacht marina in the Marsaskala creek if he were to become Prime Minister.

Grech emphasised the need to keep stakeholders involved in the consultation process behind projects of this nature, and promised to set up a council to safeguard the long-term vision for Malta and Gozo if he were to be elected Prime Minister.

"The starting point should be Malta's future, not the itnerests of a business owner who wants to force a marina in Marsaskala at all costs and behind the backs of residents

Diġà kont ċar: bħala Prim Ministru, jien nirtira l-pjanijiet tal-marina ta’ Marsaskala immedjatament. Proġetti bħal...

Posted by Bernard Grech on Sunday, August 29, 2021

Prime Minister Robert Abela and Opposition Leader Bernard Grech failed to take any strong position for or against plans for a yacht marina in Marsaskala.

Speaking in separate interviews on Sunday, the two party leaders were non-committal on the project, saying that some level of development wouldn't be a bad idea.

"We want to elevate the zone," Abela said. He explained that Transport Malta has so far only issued a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ), and so the project is at consultation stage.

While not taking a clear stance, Abela made it clear that he would like some sort of investment to happen in the Marsaskala area. He argued that a breakwater would be beneficial during periods of rough seas to avoid having garbage or dirt rise from the sea to the seafront. 

"Isn't the idea of having a breakwater to catch all this a good idea?" he said.

Abela also complained that the public takes a knee-jerk reaction to the announcement of large-scale projects like the Marsaskala marina. "As a country, we can’t go in the direction of saying no to everything when we haven’t even started talking," he stated.

Meanwhile Grech said that sustainable development is necessary, but this shouldn't be done at the expense of others. Instead, he pressed on the need for full public consultation with regards to projects like the marina, and pledged to do so if he were to be elected.

"The government seems to have already decided on this development. Why? Because it is committed, it has its hands tied, because decisions are being taken behind-closed-doors because of the friends of friends who want to benefit. This cannot continue to happen."

"We cannot let individuals take over everywhere to the detriment of the people."

Plans for a proposed 700-yacht marina at Marsaskala came as a surprise to everyone and none were more shocked than residents of the locality who had not been consulted in any way before the plans surfaced.

Last Friday, residents joined a press conference organised by Moviment Graffitti to voice their concerns against the plans for the marina inside Marsaskala creek.

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