Qormi's Salib tad-Dejma destroyed, politicians condemn act of vandalism

The Salib tad-Dejma was damaged early on Tuesday morning

Photo: Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca/Facebook
Photo: Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca/Facebook

A historic monument in the outskirts of Qormi was destroyed on Tuesday morning, with residents and politicians voicing their anger over the incident.

Qormi residents woke up on Tuesday to news that a historic cross, known as the Salib tad-Dejma, was damaged after vandals destroyed and broke off parts of the structure. 

Culture minister Jose Herrera said that he will make sure that necessary steps are taken to bring justice to the monument, while appealing for more appreciation towards Malta's culture and history.

Ta' stmerrija kbira, l-att vandalu fuq is-Salib tad-Dejma f’Ħal Qormi. Dan hu mument ta’ dispjaċir għalija u għal kull...

Posted by José Herrera on Tuesday, September 21, 2021

"It is unacceptable for our heritage to be shattered and vandalised in this way... when will we learn to appreciate what makes us who we are?" he wrote on Facebook.

Former president Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, who grew up in Qormi, said that the incident poses a great loss to Qormi and to Maltese heritage.

"I call on the authorities to take all necessary steps to ensure that the vandals compensate for this," she said.

TAL-BIKI!! Is-SALIB tad-DEJMA, fil-Handaq, spicca f’bicciet. TLIFNA WIRT STORIKU KBIR!!! Mhux ghalina l-QRIEMA biss izda...

Posted by Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca on Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Coleiro Preca recalled childhood memories of the structure, saying that the cross served as a landmark for children at the time. 

She went on to lament over how the Ħandaq area has since become an industrial estate, but with to protection offered to the historical heritage of the area,

The Qormi Local Council promptly condemned the vandalism, which took place after the council announced that restoration will be carried out on the monument.

"We expect justice with the people of Qormi and the Maltese Historical Heritage," it said.

STQARRIJA Il-Kunsill Lokali Hal Qormi jikkundanna bla rizerva l-att vandalu li sehh, kmieni dalghodu, fuq is-Salib...

Posted by Kunsill Lokali Ħal Qormi on Tuesday, September 21, 2021