[WATCH] Police failing to investigate Konrad Mizzi over host of scandals – Repubblika

Rule of law activists in sit-in outside police headquarters seek to put pressure on Police Commissioner Angelo Gafà

On Tuesday, Repubblika announced the start of a three-day-long sit-in protest outside the Police headquarters in Floriana. Photo: James Bianchi
On Tuesday, Repubblika announced the start of a three-day-long sit-in protest outside the Police headquarters in Floriana. Photo: James Bianchi

Repubblika president Robert Aquilina has accused the police force of letting former energy minister Konrad Mizzi off the hook over an investigation dealing with his role on various government projects.

Aquilina was speaking on the second day of a 72-hour sit-in outside the police headquarters in Floriana in which the NGO is demanding police investigations on Mizzi, who has since refused to attend a public accounts committee on the Electrogas power station audit before the 3 November.

This week, Mizzi wrote to the committee that due to planned travels, he would be unavailable to testify before 3 November.

Mizzi was sacked by the Labour parliamentary group after reports of the Mozura wind farm scandal revealed a Yorgen Fenech offshore company stood to make a profit on the sale of a company to Enemalta.

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Aquilina said Police Commissioner Angelo Gafà as well as Prime Minister Robert Abela should not insult the intelligence of the Maltese. “They cannot let impunity reign, the same that used to reign during Joseph Muscat and Lawrence Cutajar’s tenure.”

Aquilina said whoever does not take action against Konrad Mizzi should be ashamed. “We will no longer stand for the humiliation of lack of action against the most corrupt contracts in Malta.”

Repubblika’s sit-in culminates with a protest on Friday at 6:30pm outside the Office of the Prime Minister in Valletta.

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Aquilina has insisted Repubblika was not casting doubt on Gafà’s capacity as police comissioner. “He knows what to do when he wants to work,” Aquilina said on Tuesday, recalling the 2013 oil scandal first revealed by MaltaToday.

“Do you remember how long it took Gafà to bring people to court over that oil scandal? It took less than a month,” he continued.

Aquilina then compared the oil scandal to the Panama Papers, and how six years after its publication no one has been charged in court. “Six years and Konrad Mizzi is still taking us for a ride. Six years of impunity with the blessing of the highest police officers and the Mafia in Castille.”

Aquilina listed the Vitals scandal, Steward concession, Montenegro wind farm, ITS deal as further scandals on which police took little action. “We are convinced that this is why Konrad Mizzi feels untouchable. Because if Gafà brings down Mizzi, with him he will have to bring Muscat ... and if he brings Muscat, with him he will bring and tarnish the petty history of the Labor Government that made him CEO and now Commissioner.”