PAC: Labour MPs refuse to condemn Konrad Mizzi no-shows

The Prime Minister insisted on Monday that Labour MPs in the PAC should not protect Konrad Mizzi

Labour MPs on the public accounts committee (PAC) in parliament have again refused to condemn Konrad Mizzi’s no-shows, despite being called to testify several times before.

This week, Konrad Mizzi wrote to the committee that, due to planned travels, he would be unavailable to testify before 3 November.

However, the Opposition MPs in the committee felt that it to be a charade.

“For weeks he kept saying that he’s ready to come testify, but has always come up with an excuse,” said Beppe Fenech Adami.

PN MP Ryan Callus said he doesn’t believe that Mizzi’s trip was a pre-planned visit, while Karol Aquilina submitted a motion to condemn Mizzi’s behaviour before the committee.

“There is no justification for his behaviour,” Aquilina said.

On the government side, PL MP Glenn Bedingfield maintained that the committee should focus on setting a date for Mizzi to testify, and if needed set multiple dates to make up for lost time.

However, all government MPs refused to issue a formal condemnation of Mizzi’s behaviour, voting against the motion put forward by Aquilina.

“We’re not here to condemn or criticise,” Bedingfield stated.

On Monday, Prime Minister Robert Abela insisted that government members on the PAC should not, and will not, protect Konrad Mizzi.

He said that the Labour MPs on the committee should carry out their work neutrally

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On a separate issue, Fenech Adami recalled that Ray Fenech, the Electrogas director, was asked to send some company documentation to the committee.

Fenech was given a free hand on what documentation he felt should be presented to the committee, but has failed to present any documents two weeks after the request.

“It is unacceptable for people to come here and say something, and then it never happens,” he said.