PN: Road floods result of government 'failings'

PN insisted that infrastructural projects should include water culvert systems, which are regularly maintained

Scenes from Għajnsielem, Gozo (Photo: Francelle Azzopardi)
Scenes from Għajnsielem, Gozo (Photo: Francelle Azzopardi)

The Nationalist Party said the government has failed in addressing issues related to road flooding, in a reaction to this week's floods in Malta and Gozo.

“The PN has been for a long time insisting with the government that infrastructural projects should incorporate water culvert systems, so floods are mitigated and water is not wasted,” PN said in a statement.

Torrential downpour throughout the night on Thursday caused several streets across Malta and Gozo to flood.

Għajnsielem in Gozo was particularly hard hit, with photos posted on Facebook showing the main piazza entirely flooded. According to Maltese Islands Weather, the locality was the worst hit by a thunderstorm, with 99.1 mm of rain within just an hour.

The opposition also appealed for the water culverts to be regularly maintained and emphasised that as evidenced by pictures on social media, a number of roads including those done recently, were flooded.

PN quoted Infrastructure minister Ian Borg when he had said that systems that mitigate rain water floods, are an integral and indispensable part of road design.

“Now the citizens can understand that those words were futile, as the reality is totally different,” concluded the PN.