November downpour brings flooded roads and traffic delays

Heavy rainfall overnight has caused flooding and traffic delays across Malta and Gozo

Scenes from Għajnsielem, Gozo (Photo: Francelle Azzopardi)
Scenes from Għajnsielem, Gozo (Photo: Francelle Azzopardi)

Torrential downpour throughout the night has caused several streets across Malta and Gozo to flood on Thursday morning.

Għajnsielem in Gozo was particularly hard hit, with photos posted on Facebook showing the main piazza entirely flooded. According to Maltese Islands Weather, the locality was the worst hit by a thunderstorm, with 99.1 mm of rain within just an hour.

The Civil Protection Department is currently assisting individuals who have experienced trouble due to the extreme weather. 

Malta is expected to see highs of 22°C and lows of 17°C on Thursday; however, the rain is only expected to last for a day as the weather for Friday is predicted to be mainly sunny.

Maltese Islands Weather said a cold front associated with an intense low pressure system over northern Algeria, will affect the central Mediterranean from mid-afternoon up until Thursday 11 November.

“This will bring periods of continuous rainfall, some heavy and thundery at times, to the Maltese islands. Be advised that significant rainfall amounts are likely, with a national average of over 30 mm being possible. As always, we advise you to follow basic precautions, such as not leaving vehicles parked in areas prone to flooding.”

The wind will be rather strong, with the East Southeast to Southeast wind reaching up to Force 6 at times. It will decrease and veer West Northwest by the afternoon on Thursday.

Taking to social media, PN spokesperson Peter Agius posted a picture driving through the Marsa flyover, which is currently flooded.

Graffitti activist Andre Callus also questioned the effect of new roads which were unable to handle the downpour due to the removal of trees from fields sacrificed for road construction.