PN government will revise public sector salary scales, strengthen family-friendly measures

PN wants to incentivise 'a culture of meritocracy' in the public service as it unveils proposals for change

PN MPs Joe Ellis (left) and Karl Gouder (right)
PN MPs Joe Ellis (left) and Karl Gouder (right)

A Nationalist government will revise public service salary scales and ensure that collective agreements are concluded three months prior their expiry date, Joe Ellis said.

The Nationalist MP said better performance bonuses for public sector workers will be introduced and experiencing and training will be recognised for career progression.

“We want to incentivise a culture of meritocracy and also encourage public servants to improve their position and render a better service to the public,” Ellis said in a press conference during which the PN unveiled several proposals on the public sector.

PN candidate Ivan Castillo said a transparent and structured system that facilitates transfers in the public service should be introduced. This will be done online, in a bid for more transparency. The strengthening of family-friendly measures, is another PN proposal.

PN MP Karl Gouder also mentioned how the PN is looking into facilitating work and promote flexibility, wherever possible. He spoke of a scheme, where workers could utilise part of their sick leave to take care of others at home.

He said the current capping of 16 hours of urgent leave, should be revised. The last proposal is for a pilot project for the promotion of physical exercise and mental health wellbeing.

“We want the government to be an equal opportunity employer and a role model for employers. The PN wants to promote careers in the public service, with opportunities where one could improve themselves,” Gouder said.