Archbishop apologises for Fr David Muscat homophobic comments, promises action

Archbishop Charles Scicluna promises action against controversial Mosta priest Fr David Muscat who said bisexuality and gayness are worse than satanic possession • Ministers report Muscat to police over hate speech

Archbishop Charles Scicluna (left) and Fr David Muscat (right)
Archbishop Charles Scicluna (left) and Fr David Muscat (right)

Archbishop Charles Scicluna has apologised on behalf of the Church to all gay people and their families, and promised to take action against Fr David Muscat, over homophobic comments on social media.

The priest called “gayness” and bisexuality worse than satanic possession. This was posted on a thread discussing murder suspect Abner Aquilina.

Aquilina allegedly murdered and raped 29-year-old Paulina Dembska on 2 January, an incident which shocked the nation, and put issues of misogyny and women’s safety on the forefront of public discourse.

Muscat's comments made the rounds and were condemned by many, including ministers Owen Bonnici and Julia Farrugia Portelli, who called for a police investigation on the grounds of hate speech.

In a televised homily on Thursday, the Archbishop expressed shock for the remarks made by Muscat and stated action would be taken.

"These were not words of love but stones thrown by a heart that has to learn to love more, as Jesus did. God loves you for who you are […] Those who say they love God, but hate their brother, are liars... I want to apologise on behalf of the Church to all those who were hurt by these harsh words, and their mothers and fathers who also feel betrayed by the church they love," Archbishop Scicluna said.

Muscat's comment was removed from the platform after complaints were filed with Facebook by several individuals.

Muscat is no newcomer to controversy, having endorsed far-right firebrand Norman Lowell in the past.

It is unclear what action the Archbishop will take against Muscat.