[WATCH] Viral footage shows 2020 violent assault by man charged with Rabat abduction

Viral footage of 2020 altercation features man accused of Rabat abduction, armed with metal rod

Christian Borg (left and right) and Luke John Milton (middle)
Christian Borg (left and right) and Luke John Milton (middle)

Christian Borg, one of a group of men charged with the abduction of a man in Rabat, had gone viral after online footage of him and his colleagues were filmed assaulting and threatening two black men.

Christian Borg, 28, from Swieqi along with four other individuals were accused with the abduction of the man in Rabat, when the victim then escaped from the van as it headed towards Paola, to report the crime at a nearby police station.

Borg is in the car rental business as a director of No Deposit Cars Malta, Princess Holdings Limited and Zing Cabs Limited.

In a video uploaded online in 2020, Borg, his business partner Luke John Milton, and others, can be seen in an aggressive altercation with the two men, threatening and assaulting them.

Milton is company director of Goldcar Operations Limited, having been recently charged with fraudulently obtaining $700,000 from a car dealer and storing them in a crypto wallet.

In the video from 27 March 2020, the two men were blocked by a vehicle, parked in the middle of the road, whilst the driver was on the phone. Apparently, they honked at the other driver, leading to a hostile confrontation by a group of men, including Borg, Milton and some of their colleagues from their car showroom.

The victims started filming the incident and Milton is seeing carrying a metal rod in his hand and arguing with one of the victims.

The man filming the incident, claimed the driver refused to move the car and started threatening them. He is heard arguing with Borg and Milton and telling them they could not threaten them with violence.

Borg is heard calmly refusing to move the car, before aggressively hitting the phone of the person filming, and uttering foul language at him.

The victim kept on filming and asking someone to call the police. Milton then confronted him and challenged him to call them himself.

At the end of the video, the “victims” were heard saying they pay taxes like everybody else and they should not be treated in this way.