PN says government decision to revise energy billing systems proves its theft claims true

PN Deputy leader David Agius says party will be insisting on an easy, transparent and just utility billing system

PN Deputy leader David Agius (left) and PN MP Ryan Callus
PN Deputy leader David Agius (left) and PN MP Ryan Callus

The Nationalist Party said government's decision to revise the energy billing system, proves its claims of theft on utility bills true.

Energy Minister Miriam Dalli announced on Wednesday that a new mechanism will allow consumers to make use of all cheap units allocated for a year.

In a press conference on Thursday, PN Deputy leader David Agius said Dalli confirmed what PN had been insisting on for years. “Millions were robbed by the Labour government […] We now have a confirmation that whilst families are dealing with rising cost-of-living, they are also paying extra for their water and electricity.”

Agius said PN will not stop here and that it would be insisting on an easy, transparent and just utility billing system.

“We want fair bills that truly reflect consumption over a whole year and not a calculation that creates anomalies. You should pay for what you consume and the government should not rob you. We want a system that is understood by everyone,” Agius emphasised.

Agius reiterated PN’s pledge to refund all anomalies over the past nine years, which he said amount to at least €50 million.

PN MP Ryan Callus said Dalli and the government tried to pinpoint issued related to the billing system on the PN.

He said that prior to 2013, four estimate bills and two actual ones used to be issued, and that under Labour people started receiving six actual bills in a year.

“This is not an anomaly but a theft. Now the government has decided, nine years late, to resolve this issue since an election is at the door,” Callus said.

When asked whether the PN could guarantee stability in energy prices, in wake of the rising international fuel prices, Callus said the PN is free and not Electrogas bound.

“We are free from Electrogas and we are not afraid of repercussions. Our guarantee is that in government we would we purchasing energy from the cheapest source and if is not from Electrogas, we will be revising the contract,” Callus remarked.

Labour Party reacts

Reacting to the PN’s statement, the Labour Party said it is not credible when it speaks about energy bills.

“It was the PN administration that in 2009 introduced a legal notice which regulates bills,” it said. “The only changes carried out by the PL was the 25% decrease in utility bills.”

It also said that it was thanks to government efforts that energy bills have remained stable, compared to the increase in prices across Europe.