Fourth COVID-19 jab in winter not needed, Health Minister says

From 7 March quarantine for primary contacts in same household will drop to 5 days • Fully vaccinated children can go back to school after 5 days • From 14 March masks will not have to be worn in public open spaces irrespective of vaccination status

Data suggests that there will be no need for a fourth jab in Malta during winter, Health Minister Chris Fearne said.

The minister made the announcement during a press conference on state refunds for IVF medications.

He explained that a fourth jab was not needed because immunity had been reached within the community. 

Fearne said that from 14 March, masks would not need to be worn in public open spaces for all people.

79% have taken the third dose of the vaccine, he said. 

The health minister said that Malta should remain cautious when it comes to removing measures, as other countries that have done so, like Sweden, were seeing spikes in cases.   

The funerals of those who have COVID at the time of death can be held within 48 hours and not within 24 hours. 

Quarantine rule changes

From 7 March, quarantine for primary contacts will be removed, as long as the numbers remain in control.

Quarantine for primary contacts in the same household will drop from 10 days to five days. The measure will come into effect from Monday.

Fully vaccinated children can go back to school after five days.