Some small states require tailored solutions to combat climate change, PM says

Prime Minister Robert Abela discusses climate change in bilateral meeting with Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland

Prime Minister Robert Abela meeting with the Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland (Photo: OPM)
Prime Minister Robert Abela meeting with the Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland (Photo: OPM)

Small states that have unique vulnerabilities and challenges, such as Malta, require more tailored solutions, Prime Minister Robert Abela said.

The PM was discussing climate change in a bilateral meeting held in Sharm El Sheikh, Eygpt, with the Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland.

Abela is currently at the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2022 COP 27.

He said the Commonwealth offers an important platform for small island states in the fight against climate change.

During the meeting, Abela promised that Malta will continue supporting Small Island Development States in their efforts to combat climate change.

He also outlined how the government’s aim is to continue to share best practices. 

Malta has also been requested to serve on the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group. The request has been made by the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Malta is honoured to serve within this Group, said Abela, and will be playing an active role in ensuring that democratic principles, human rights, and rule of law are upheld.

During the meeting, the passing away of HM Queen Elizabeth II and her role in strengthening the Commonwealth was also touched upon. 

The Prime Minister highlighted the late Queen’s relationship with Malta, noting that her last official visit was to the islands in 2015.

Malta joined other countries at COP 27 to take steps toward attaining the global climate targets set forth in the Paris Agreement and convention. The goal for this year is to build on prior accomplishments, such as those made at COP26 in Glasgow, and pave the way for future ambition to successfully address the global problem of climate change.