Animal Liberation Malta leads march against animal testing on World Day for Laboratory Animals

Animal Liberation Malta protests animal testing on World Day for Laboratory Animals, urging public to choose cruelty-free products.

Photo: Animal Liberation Malta
Photo: Animal Liberation Malta

Animal Liberation Malta led a march on Saturday protesting against the cruel and unnecessary practice of animal testing. 

The activists chanted slogans such as "it's not science, it's violence" and "stop animal testing, right now" while holding placards of encaged animals as they walked from St Georges Square to Triton Fountain in Valletta. 

The demonstration was one of many worldwide marking World Day for Laboratory Animals.

According to an Animal Liberation Malta spokesperson, millions of animals, including cats, dogs, pigs, and monkeys, are subjected to painful and lengthy experiments that produce unreliable results. 

These experiments could be avoided as there are valid non-animal testing alternatives available. The spokesperson further elaborated that these animals are caged, infected with debilitating diseases, surgically mutilated, and subjected to many other tortuous experiments.

Despite the availability of non-animal testing methods, this cruel practice continues to take place. Animal Liberation Malta urged the public to take a stand by choosing cruelty-free products and becoming informed on the subject.

The Anti-Vivisection March was part of an international effort coordinated by the Toronto Anti-Vivisection Alliance to raise awareness for laboratory animals. The World Day for Laboratory Animals falls on Monday, April 24th.