Fresh milk company announces price increase

Malta Dairy Products Ltd say price hike reflects ‘significant increase’ in milk production and operational costs

Benna fresh milk products will increase in price
Benna fresh milk products will increase in price

Malta Dairy Products Ltd. has announced it will be raising the prices of its fresh milk products as of this Thursday 1 June.

The company said the price hike reflects the “significance increase” in in production and operational costs.

“The recent worldwide occurrences have brought about disruptions and challenges to the industry which cannot go unnoticed any longer. The constant and persistent increases in production and operational costs have meant that MDP can no longer absorb these costs internally,” the company said in a statement.

It said its objective is to keep the local dairy sector sustainable while ensuring its customers are well provided with competitive local fresh milk products.

Price adjustment

Whole milk 1L – from €0.96 to €1

Milk 2.5% fat 1L – from €0.94 to €1

Skimmed Milk 1L - €0.92 to €1

Lactose Free Milk 1L - €1.15 to €1.25

Milk 2.5% fat 0.5L - €0.54 to €0.58

Skimmed Milk 0.5L – €0.52 to €0.58

Lactose Free Milk 0.5L - €0.65 to €0.70