Butter knife scare: 12-year-old threatens schoolmate at Naxxar middle school

Teachers’ union in contact with education authorities to ensure all support is provided and necessary sanctions are taken

Naxxar Middle School (Google Maps)
Naxxar Middle School (Google Maps)

An investigation has been launched by the education authorities into an incident at the Naxxar middle school after a girl attacked another student with a butter knife from the school kitchen.

The Times of Malta reported the incident took place at the around noon on Tuesday, leaving staff and students shocked. The two girls, aged 12, were both sent home shortly after the incident.

The two girls had a tussle during breaktime at the school’s playground, and were separated by teachers and staff.

One of the girls ran to the staff kitchenette and grabbed a butter knife, before chasing the other girl before she was stopped.

According to the report, the two girls’ parents were called in by the school administration, and disciplinary action was taken.

A source said this is not the first time the particular student had caused trouble at the school. Another source said the large school was seriously understaffed and management was not taking certain issues seriously.

Reacting to the report, the Malta Union of Teachers said it has been in contact with the Education Ministry over the incident “so that all support is provided to the school and sanctions are taken.”

“The MUT repeats its position on zero tolerance for student misbehaviour and it supports all educators who are working in schools and facing such difficult situations,” the union said. “The MUT calls on education authorities to be firm in their position when dealing with such situations whilst it has requested the Education Ministry to initiate discussions to update the discipline policy for State Schools.”