27 Maltese Nationals marked safe amidst Morocco's earthquake

The Foreign Affairs Ministry says all 27 Maltese nationals in Marrakesh, who contacted them, are safe and unharmed • The strongest-ever quake to hit Morocco kills at least 2,012 people and injures over 2,059

The death toll in Morocco has risen to over 2,000
The death toll in Morocco has risen to over 2,000

The Foreign Affairs Ministry has confirmed that all 27 Maltese nationals who were in Marrakech or the surrounding region during last Friday's devastating earthquake are safe and unharmed.

“The Ministry is aware that most of them have already travelled to another part of Morocco. Others are set to leave the region between today Sunday 10th and Wednesday 13th,” the Ministry wrote on Facebook.

The strongest-ever quake to hit Morocco has killed at least 2,012 people and injured over 2,059, many of them critically, according to the latest official figures.

The 6.8-magnitude quake struck 72 kilometres southwest of the tourist hub of Marrakesh, wiping out entire villages in rural areas on Friday.

The Maltese nationals in these areas are being assisted by the Consul of Malta in Marrakech. 

“Anyone in need of help should contact 00212662795525 or 00212661944302. Those who would like to contact the Foreign Affairs Ministry can do so on 0035622040000,” the ministry wrote.

In the statement, the ministry confirmed that the Maltese government has got in touch with the Moroccan authorities, and whilst expressing its condolences to the families of the hundreds of victims who lost their lives, also offered to provide humanitarian aid to the affected region.

Those who are planning to travel to Morocco should refer to the travel advice issued by the Ministry which is available online on consularplus.gov.mt 

Currently, Maltese nationals are advised to avoid travel to the areas that were directly hit by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit the country on Friday night.