Gonzi: Cachia Caruana’s resignation ‘endangers’ the interests of Maltese families

Prime Minister replies to Richard Cachia Caruana's resignation letter, says resignation will badly affect Malta in "such delicate times."

Lawrence Gonzi said Cachia Caruana's loss is even bigger considering the current economic crisis, the 2014-2020 EU Budget and the Air Malta restructuring plan.
Lawrence Gonzi said Cachia Caruana's loss is even bigger considering the current economic crisis, the 2014-2020 EU Budget and the Air Malta restructuring plan.

Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi published the letter he penned in reply to Richard Cachia Caruana resignation letter sent on Monday, in the aftermath of the parliamentary vote on the Opposition's motion calling for the resignation of Malta's permanent representative to the EU.

In the letter, Gonzi said that the Opposition's motion was an "act of victimisation based on charges which were manifestly false and opportunistic."

"The country is losing your highly competent services as recognised by Parliament in the EU," Gonzi wrote.

He added that his loss was even bigger considering the current economic crisis, the delicate talks with the EU over the 2014-2020 Budget and the Air Malta restructuring plan. Gonzi said that as a result, Cachia Caruana's resignation "endangered the interests of many Maltese families."

While Gonzi thanked Cachia Caruana, the Prime Minister asked him to stay on for a few weeks to ensure there is a smooth transition in such a delicate moment, and augured that the country would continue to benefit from Cachia Caruana's services.

The Opposition's motion was only approved after government MP Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando voted with the Opposition and fellow Nationalist MP Jesmond Mugliett abstained. Gonzi said he was surprised by the vote as "there was an understanding that all government MPs will vote against the Opposition's motion."

Earlier today, Gonzi said that despite his resignation, Richard Cachia Caruana would represent Malta during next week's EU heads of government meeting at the prime minister's request.

Speaking this morning, Gonzi said that he asked Cachia Caruana to stay on for an undetermined period until a suitable replacement is found.

Gonzi explained that Cachia Caruana had agreed to stay on and serve the country's best interests "because that is what loyal people of integrity do."

The Prime Minister refused to answer whether he intends to call a vote of confidence in government. The only comments he gave in this regard were that the government is not a lame duck and it will remain at the helm of the country for as long as it enjoyed the confidence in Parliament.

Gonzi also noted that the government has lost two votes in Parliament in the space of two weeks because of "personal interests and personal agendas."

The Prime Minister also did not reply when asked to whom he was referring to. Gonzi also did not reply whether Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando acted in collusion with the Labour Party but said that  "whoever takes decisions, myself included would be expected to shoulder their responsibility and face the consequences."

However, the Prime Minister fell short from explaining what kind of consequences Pullicino Orlando and Jesmond Muglett must face.

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Charles Bayliss
Please stop treating us like complete imbeciles. By your own admission, RCC was the power behind the throne and you, Dr Gonzi are just a figurehead who will now lose all sense of direction without RCC pulling your strings. The PN might have been given a mandate to govern for 5 years, but it has failed miserably and is now simply abusing that mandate. Put yourself, and us out of misery and call a general election. That way, at least the time bomb that is the Maltese economy will not blow up in your hands.
Raymond Mintoff
"Cachia Caruana’s resignation ‘endangers’ the interests of Maltese families".........get a life lawrence.
Nazzareno azzopardi
In Brussels we are celebrating the resignation of this god almighty RCC, hope that his replacement will treat those around him with respect and dignity. Good riddance to bad rubbish!!
Miriam Rizzo
He means FAMILY - as in cosa nostra!! So do i understand correct? Having been fired, he will still turn up for work next week. This is the same as with Claudio Grech - having resigned (and presumably reduced to leaving in a garage - no spare bedroom in his master's mansion ?) - he still turns up to work. This snake that is GonziPN - you have to cut off its head to kill it. Gonzi needs to be booted out of office. P.S. Gonzi - your love of pageantry has not gone un-noticed btw. Typical of despots the world over. We are not as blind and stupid as you think we are. You know what i am talking about .. wink wink. (end of personal message to gonzi)
albert leone
What interests of Maltese families? What ARROGANCE!
Mason Lloyd
Well, the latest episode reminds me of a cartoon I say in the daily telegraph depicting Thatcher ad her woes in the stables... Now Gonzi is still reeling from his latest debacle. No doubt those who wish hime very well within the PN are toasting a victory. I wonder whather Gonzi is acting in the national interest
Narcy Calamatta
Allura jekk is Sur RCC, Allahares qatt jigi nieqes, jew jiddejjaq, jew ikun irid jirtira, jew jitla fil gvern il lejber...x`jigri mill poplu Malti, jispicca min wicc id dinja ? ,immutu kollha bl`ghali ?, nevaporaw bhad duhhan ? Naqra rispett lejn l-inteligenza taghna Prim.....
delia alfred
No body is surprised that"the Prime Minister fell short from explaining what kind of consequences Pullicino Orlando and Jesmond Muglett must face" as Dr Gonzi and his Party do not have the courage to take any steps against these two MP's as he cannot hold tight to his seat without their help. After all he accepted the fact that "whoever takes decisions, myself included would be expected to shoulder their responsibility and face the consequences." and he may suffer serious consequences if he tries to censure in any way these two MP's. Maybe the only way out is to try to appease them as he did in the case of Dr Debono.
Monique Vella
Who do you think you are kidding Dott Gonzi? What 'endangers' the interests of Maltese (and Gozitan) families is you, Mr Prime Minister, and your imploding party. Your credibility is 'zilg'; that of GonziPN hovers in the subzero zone. Keep up the good work!
Dr. David Pollina
This is what is so manifestly wrong Dr Gonzi with you lot. You think you are the only ones who know everything and have all the solution to all the problems.So again you repeat ad nauseum your worn out song of family work and students. You seem to forget that that is why we the people employed you in the first place. All your words are built on lies and accusations. It is always pretty obvious that the opposition votes against the government in most cases. So this time it was not the opposition that brought down that unelected snob in Brussels. But one guy on your side that actually has the balls unlike your other sucker Debono. He cuts a pathetic figure next to JPO. There are capable people in Malta who can replace him. Probably not as aloof as him and less pretentious. I have come across few people who have any sympathy for him as he always looks down on people shouts at them and treats everyone with disrespect. No excuse for arrogance. So all in all I am glad he got the order of the boot and en ded his carrear in disgrace. Kicked out of a job. Probably now there will be some golden handshake of a few hundreds of thousands of euros to be able to cope with the trauma of loosing his job...... The more you waste public money the more the people will not vote for you. Me included and I never voted labour in my life. But rest assured just for the sake of not hearing your arrogant voices and seeing your faces on TV etc any more it will be worth the change.
Go tell it to the marines Dr Gonzi. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5r1MR0QyUU , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhMPFK7h3vE
Adrian Zerafa
Was it in the interest of the families when letters were sent to Dockyard and Airmalta workers giving them early retirment instead of jobs that were promised before the election. What Maltese families is Dr Gonzi refering to in his letter, maybe to the families that are part of the oligarchy. Hallina nghix Gonz
Josefel Borg
Seeing the above article i can say that wikileaks are being proved right again when an article on their site stated that the maltese government lacks talented personell.
Manuel Scicluna
Once again, Gonzi sprouts more crap than a manure spreader.
Janet Chircop Bray
Dan il-bniedem verament sopranaturali. Tiskanta kif qeghdin kwazi fl-ahhar post f'kollox fl-EU. Li aghmel RCC huwa vangelu imma li ddecieda l-parlament Malti kien falz u opportun. Ara dawn in-nies f'hiex waslu. Ibdlu post xulxin. Wiehed isir Prim u l-iehor ambaxxatur. Mhux kollox kif jaqbel lilkom taghmlu! Ma ahniex se narawha bi kbira.

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