European Bank funds computers for refugee centre

Central Bank of Malta Governor inaugurates computer room on behalf of the European Central Bank which sponsored the six new computers.

Father Philip shows Governor Josef Bonnici the new computer room at the refugee centre in Balzan.
Father Philip shows Governor Josef Bonnici the new computer room at the refugee centre in Balzan.

As part of an in initiative on behalf of the Central Bank of Malta’s social club, a new computer room worth €6,500, including six computers, was funded by the European Central Bank for the Refugee Centre in Balzan.

Inaugurating the computer room on behalf of the ECB, CBM Governor Josef Bonnici said that learning how to use the computers would be important for refugees to integrate in new surroundings.

“Although it may at first appear difficult, the training provided here will give you the ability to improve your chances in the future. I understand that you are going through a difficult phase in your lives but we hope this initiative will help. I wish you the best for your future,” Bonnici said.

Speaking to male refugees present for the inauguration, Fr Alfred Vella from the Malta Emigrants’ Commission said that the programme was proposed to the ECB on the commission’s behalf by the CBM.

“This room was set up for you to learn how to use this new technology. It will provide you with new skills to learn and use in order to integrate into new societies,” Vella said.

The priest went on to explain how the classes would be set up with the assistance of the nuns, COPEN and Red Cross who will all be volunteering to teach the 124 single refugees and family units at the centre.

“The sisters have provided this centre with sterling service ever since they provided these premises almost 16 years ago to provide refugees with shelter away from the Hal Far camp,” Vella said.

Vella explained that this was not the first time the Central Bank of Malta’s social club had helped the refugees by funding projects. “In the past, the CBM provided us with funds for a specially design pram for a disabled child, electrical fixtures and kitchen furniture.”

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Sandra Grima
CHARITY SHOULD BEGIN AT HOME. Another example of resources being diverted towards illegal immigrants whilst countless maltese institutions have to go around seeking donations. Serves nothing but to allow illegals to contact their 'friends' and encourage them to follow suit. WE should be discouraging these not making life more comfortable. Italy is on the right track. Send them back.

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