MaltaToday special editions on Dom Mintoff

MaltaToday's published two special editions on former Prime Minister Dom Mintoff.

Today's midweek edition focuses on the conflicting nature of Dom Mintoff.
Today's midweek edition focuses on the conflicting nature of Dom Mintoff.

The MaltaToday special edition on Dom Mintoff published on Tuesday and today's MaltaToday midweek edition, which also focused on the legacy of the strongman of Maltese politics, have been very well received.

Tuesday's 24-page special edition carried the first reactions to the former prime Minister's death, an analysis of his legacy and pictures from Mintoff's 53-year-long career.

Today's edition carries a survey on how the Maltese look at Mintoff's political career and comments from a number of persons who worked closely with the former Labour leader.

In today's editorial, MaltaToday pointed out "...there is something undeniably alluring (from a Labour perspective, at any rate) about the image of Mintoff as the last of a now extinct breed of strongman politician: the like of which can never reappear, because the world that once produced such 'ubermensch' no longer exists."

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MINTOFF'S FATHER WENZU WAS FROM GHASRI GOZO . In the biography of the ex President of Malta Censu Tabone who’s born in Gozo were written these exact words ,’ Tabone and Mintoff sit on opposite sides of the House for the best part of half a century the two eldest, outstanding politicians for the 20th century who have made it into the new millemium. Ironically Tabone, like Mintoff, had a father from Gozo and a mother from Cospicua. Censu’s father Kolinu hailed from Victoria Gozo, whereas Mintoff‘s father Wenzu was from the small village of Ghasri Gozo’. R.I.P. PERIT