Muscat promises B'bugia completion of water polo pitch

Labour leader Joseph Muscat lambasts government for abandoning Birzebbugia water polo pitch project.

Braving the strong winds and cold a sizeable crowd gathered at the water polo pitch in Birzebbugia to welcome Labour leader Joseph Muscat who in return pledged to complete the water polo pitch project and a football ground.

Addressing the crowd next to the derelict pitch, Muscat lambasted government for having promised the project 10 years ago but failed to deliver, with the consequence that water polo enthusiasts couldn't practice the sport.

"If elected, a Labour government will give priority to this project which will allow families and sportsman to enjoy it. This pledge also forms part of our commitment to give environmental compensation to those areas which have been hard by infrastructural projects," Muscat said.

Muscat also said that part of the pitch was pulled down in 2011 as it became dangerous to the public. In fact, a sign next to the pitch warns against trespassing, including "the works in progress" notice. The fence of the pitch have also been marked by placards from the residents, calling on government to finalize the project.


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As a tax payer I am starting to get very worried about all these promises..someone will have to pay for all this and somehow I think it must be us !!