Government sources deny Jason Micallef’s appointment to V18 board

‘No decision has been taken to appoint Jason Micallef as chairman of the V18 board’ – sources.

Jason Micallef
Jason Micallef

Government sources have denied rumours that a decision had been taken to appoint former One TV chairman Jason Micallef as chairman of the V18 board - the board that will lead Valletta as the European Capital for Culture in 2018.

Speculation was rife that Micallef had been touted as the new chairman of the board, after other sections of the media reported that the one-time secretary general of the Labour Party would form part of the V18 organisational committee.

A government source said that the media reports were "untrue".

After the first report that appeared in The Times, yesterday reported that sources "close to the parliamentary secretary for culture had confirmed" that Micallef would be part of the committee.

The former PL secretary-general, whose relationship with Prime Minister Joseph Muscat were nothing short of sour in the last years, unsuccessfully contested the last general elections, garnering only 576 first count votes.

Micallef no longer holds any official role within the PL.

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Jason why don't you get lost or at least if there is an appointment for you it should be that of taking care of the flowers in our roundabouts, no more no less.
Please ignore my previous comment. I misunderstood. It would have been quite surreal, but we are living in surreal times when it comes to chairmanships and boards and the like...
If I could pass a small remark on the title - its a bit misleading - they said he won't be chairman but he will be part of the "organisational committee" (whatever that means) of the V.18 board.
He should chair the ELC department, he is very good in planting trees and flowers!!

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