Certificate confirms Privatisation Unit chief resigned over health reasons

Health certificate shows former Central Bank governor Emanuel Ellul resigned on health reasons from head of Privatisation Unit.

Minister Chris Cardona
Minister Chris Cardona

The Ministry for Economic affairs has denied allegations that Emanuel Ellul has resigned as head of the privatisation unit after clashing with Economy Minister Chris Cardona.

Contacted by MaltaToday, a spokesperson for the Ministry confirmed the resignation of Ellul was "purely on personal reasons".

"As Ellul himself confirmed, he resigned due to health issues and the Ministry did not find it appropriate to interfere" he said.

MaltaToday is in possession of a medical certificate indicating that Ellul suffered from stress, which had a negative affect on his health. 

However, the ministry categorically denied there was any conflict between Emanuel Ellul and Cardona. It was also stated that Chris Cardona repeatedly met with Ellul in the presence of the ministry's permanent secretary.

Emanuel Ellul was appointed Central Bank Governor by the Sant administration in 1997 and chairman of the Privatisation Unit by the PN government two years later.

MaltaToday has learnt that Dr Emanuel Camilleri is expected to succeed Emanuel Ellul as chairperson of the Privatisation Unit.

Joseph MELI
I could get a certificate off my doctor that declared I had passed away last night!What does this smokescreen prove and who do they think they are kidding with thsi dog and pony show?I only found stress in my geography class at school.
Can us readers be given any information of past achievements made and concluded by Mr E Ellul while Chairman of the Privatisation Unit.No hurry,just keep the queue please.