Deadlines being met for Bormla project - minister

€1.5 million has been paid in architects' fees for work on the project

Part of the dock 1 project in Bormla.
Part of the dock 1 project in Bormla.

The Cottonera project is on-track and timeframes are being respected, transport and infrastructure minister Joe Mizzi said this morning.  

Addressing a press conference on site, Mizzi said the dock 1 project was one of his first priorities when he took office last March, and despite the fact that €5 million had already been spent upon his taking office, the project was then in a state of abandon.

In spite of this, €1.5 million were paid to the architects alone responsible from this project.

“Last March I promised that by the end of September, a substantial part of the project should be ready. As you can now see, this promise was kept. 80% of the footpath is ready and a flood-relief project was also installed,” the minister said.

He announced infrastructural works at Gavino Gulia Square that were currently taking place, and offering the least inconvenience to the public. The first phase will be completed in 10 days' time.

“All this work was done in a relatively short time; more work was done in the last six months than the last six years under the previous government.”

Joe Mizzi said he hoped the project would be completely ready by next summer, spending another €1.7 million in the process.

The minister asked Cospicua Mayor Alison Zerafa to forward any public feedback she receives to his ministry. On her part, the mayor thanked Mizzi for his dedication, describing the project as "a gift" to her locality.

For a couple of minutes prior to the conference, Mizzi was seen inspecting the work carried out.

By the end of the conference, he remarked that heavy vehicles were still entering the area and asked the responsible officials to take the necessary action when possible.

If I'm not mistaken this project was under the capable hands of Agostino. What a co-incidence, another blunder