Enforcement action against illegal scrapyard

MEPA launches direct action against illegal scrapyard in Siggiewi residential area

Earlier today, MEPA's Enforcement Directorate removed a number of derelict vehicles and scrap material which had illegally been dumped in a makeshift scrapyard in Siggiewi. Served with an enforcement notice in 2009, the site, which is located in Triq ir-Ramija, was causing an injury to amenity and becoming a health hazard to residents living in the vicinity of the site.

The Authority carried out this operation after, on several occasions, it had warned the site owner to fully abide by the enforcement notice and clear out the site. Apart from removing a large waste carrier vehicle, a lorry and some other scrapped cars, the site was cleared of a number of automobile tyres, engine parts, timber and plastics. 

The Authority confiscated the large waste carrier vehicle and will only be releasing it back to the site owner once all the costs associated with this direct action operation are settled.

The MEPA Enforcement Directorate was assisted by members of the Administrative Law Enforcement Section.

The Authority over the coming weeks will continue to intensify its direct action operations against illegalities which are impinging on neighbouring residents or negatively impacting sites of environmental or heritage value.

Why did it take Mepa four years to clean up this illegal stockyard? When is Mepa going to stop playing politics and start doing the job they were authorized to do in the first place? No matter how much money one has and what politics a person believes in. "ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL" (caps intended) and nothing changes that fact. But again "We are Maltese and we do as we please" Can Mepa tell us as to what Mepa is doing about the ILLEGAL construction at the Polidano Brothers Estate? Back to doing business as usual perhaps?
Well done to all concerned! More action like this please.