Ongoing search for five escapees

Search for five migrants still ongoing after escape of 19 detainees from Safi detention centre.

Migrants arriving at Court
Migrants arriving at Court

The Police are still searching for five of the 19 migrants that escaped from the the Hal Safi Detention Centre on 6 March 6 at around 2am.

The 19 migrants escaped after damaging a fence and letting themselves out. But district police and Rapid Intervention Unit officers managed to find the first escapees and later on that day, apprehended and arraigned 14 migrants out of the 19.

Inspector Kevin Pulis, assisted by Inspector Carol Fabri, arraigned those arrested and all admitted in front of Magistrate Neville Camilleri to the charge of escapring from detention and committing damages.

The men, aged between 19 and 29, are five Senegalese nationals, four from Mali, three from Ghana, one from Guinea Bissau and another from Sierra Leone. They admitted to causing more than €116.47 each in damages. They were jailed for eight months each.

In the meantime the search for the other five is ongoing.

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