Busuttil commends Opposition’s ‘credibility for the truth’ for Mallia sacking

PN Leader Simon Busuttil claims Muscat has based his career on a lie and weak in the face of abuse of power.

Simon Busuttil (Photo: Ray Attard)
Simon Busuttil (Photo: Ray Attard)

PN leader Simon Busuttil has delivered a triumphant account of the Opposition’s involvement in the sacking of former home affairs minister Manuel Mallia, claiming that the Opposition’s “credibility and effectiveness” was pivotal in ensuring that the truth was uncovered.

“The event of the few days – culminating in the dismissal of one of the most prominent ministers confirmed the Opposition’s credibility and effectiveness,” Busuttil argued.

On Tuesday, former home affairs minister Manuel Mallia was officially dismissed after an inquiry report into the shooting incident involving his driver, PC Paul Sheehan, discovered that although Mallia was not part of any cover-up, he however knew of the statement and asked that it does not amended on that same night.

However, despite the opposition boasting of its “important role,” a cynical Busuttil questioned whether all the truth came out – insisting that there are two persons who know all the truth.

The PN leader also argued that despite the prime minister claiming he was asleep when the shooting incident occurred, the facts of the report led him to believe that there was in fact a “cover-up involving many government officials, including those from the Office of the Prime Minister.”

“This is the actual problem we have: A Prime Minister who is asleep in the face of abuse of power. He has based his career on a lie and is thus weak when it comes to dealing with his colleagues,” Busuttil said.

In a letter tabled in parliament, Manuel Mallia argued that the inquiry absolved him of any “cover-up,” and distanced himself from the drafting of the statement.

He said that the events of the past days – most notably the dismissal of Manuel Mallia as home affairs minister – culminated in a bad year for the government during which its “mask has been uncovered.”

“Although there may have been some who doubted the party’s way of doing politics, we have seen the government’s mask fall and found an undesirable reality lying behind,” he said.

Busuttil also argued that the Opposition’s “policy of honesty” and its closeness to the people have made the Nationalist Party a strong alternative.

Speaking during a seminar in Gozo with the theme “Work in Gozo, when, how?”, Busuttil explained that the prime minister’s decision to sack Manuel Mallia followed the government’s other u-turn on the local council elections following pressure by the Opposition.

While paying tribute to the Opposition for proposing new laws and tabling several motions, Busuttil underlined that the PN is still carrying out its main duty: that of keeping the government accountable for its own actions.

On Gozo, Busuttil said there were several initiatives on how work could be created in Gozo including through investment in technology, tourism, as well as economic and environmental growth.

“My policy is that well-paid employment, in Gozo, has to be created by a vibrant private sector and a government which provides incentives and help train Maltese and Gozitan youths to find jobs in new industries,” he added.

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