Konrad Mizzi most trusted ‘nanny’

Christmas survey finds less money spent on gifts

Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi
Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi

MaltaToday’s annual Christmas survey reveals that people who attend midnight mass are happier during the Christmas period than those who don’t. So are those who have more money to spend than last year.

Only 14% of respondents have more money to spend than last year while a third of the population claim that they have less money to spend on gifts. 

But although the reduction in utility bills has apparently not left people much richer, the   survey also shows a 10-point increase over 2010 in the number of people who decorate their windowsills and facades with Christmas lights.

Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi emerges as the most trusted nanny in Muscat’s cabinet, after being chosen in this role by 13% of respondents.

The survey also explores the shopping habits of respondents, confirming that the internet has become the most popular retail outlet for under-35s but the over-55s still rely on street shops or simply give out cash as gifts.

The digital divide is also evidenced in the way people send Christmas greetings. While Facebook is the most popular way of wishing a happy Christmas among under 35 year olds, older respondents are more likely to rely on SMSes and cards.

The survey shows a seven-point drop in shopping in Valletta and a slight increase in shopping in Sliema, which has once again overtaken the capital city as the most popular shopping destination.

The survey confirms that turkey remains the most popular dish followed by pork and that only 3.4% do not decorate their homes at Christmas, with most opting for a Christmas tree.


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