FOR.UM urges government to invest in renewable energy, create quality jobs
Budget 2012
Forum of Maltese Unions (FOR.UM) calls on government to continue to invest in...
[Watch] Italy at 'breaking point' as instability rekindles fears of eurozone split
Business News
All eyes are set on Milan’s financial market this morning, after...
[Watch] Seven die, many buried under rubble as new quake hits Turkey
A 5.6 magnitude earthquake killed seven people in eastern Turkey late last...
Jibril reveals belief Col. Gaddafi was executed by ‘order of foreign force’
Libya’s former interim Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril has expressed...
European Parliament approves Busuttil's amendments to 2012 budget
The European Parliament approved amendments to the EU's 2012 budget...
Labour, Gatt at loggerheads over Smart City expropriations
Labour – Minister economical on €14 million expropriations for...
AD meets UHM and calls for common platform on green jobs
Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party met the new leadership of...
Biotech entrepreneur Chris Evans to chair BioMalta Foundation
Business News
Evans forming €200 million private investment fund to invest in...
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