MHRA reiterates need for Air Malta restructuring after Cyprus Airways’ collapse

The Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association called for definitive action from Air Malta management

The Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association has once again voiced its disapproval of the industrial action taken by Air Malta cabin crew, in light of Cyprus Airways’ recent closure.

“The news… must be taken as a wakeup call by all stakeholders of Air Malta, particularly the employees of the airline who seem to think that Air Malta will never go bust,” a statement released by the MHRA reads.

“Maltese citizens have spent over €150 million of their money through the government of Malta to save the company and their jobs. By their actions the cabin crew are risking the loss of this huge public investment if Air Malta closes down.”

The MHRA said that thousands of workers within the tourism industry, not just those working within Air Malta, are stakeholders of the airline, dependent as their livelihoods are on tourism.

The Association called for definitive action from the management of the national airline. “It is time for the management of the company to make it clear to employees that they have two choices. Either to accept the necessary restructuring, which will enable Airmalta to survive or else to find another job outside the company,” it said.

“It is not acceptable that the livelihood of many thousands outside Airmalta are threatened by a few Airmalta employees who have had conditions of work which most Maltese can only dream of.”

“ Those employees that do not want to participate in saving the company by cooperating with the restructuring should leave now and allow others to move on and cooperate to save the company.

It is not acceptable that a small minority of employees holds the nation to ransom.”

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