‘We are paying for Muscat’s failures through the petrol pumps’ – Busuttil

Opposition leader criticises PM for keeping fuel prices high, for ignoring the dignity of hospital patients and for being an 'opportunist' in voting in favour of the spring hunting derogation

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil (Photo: Ray Attard)
Opposition leader Simon Busuttil (Photo: Ray Attard)

The people are paying for Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s failures every time they fill their cars up with petrol, Opposition leader Simon Busuttil said.

“The Opposition will not remain quiet until it sees the end of this bare-faced robbery,” Busuttil told a traditional start-of-year PN activity in Gozo.

The PN has argued that the prices of petrol and diesel in Malta do not reflect the unprecedented plummeting of global oil prices. Oil was over the $100 per barrel mark six months ago, but has now plummeted to an unprecedented $44 after OPEC nations, mainly Saudi Arabia, opened up stocks to the market.

Busuttil criticised Muscat for not taking the dignity of hospital patients into account and pledged to do all he can to ensure that the problems in the health sector are addressed as early as possible.

“The recently-appointed Shadow Ministers are working to ensure that the PN’s policies regarding healthy lifestyles and prevention are closer to the people,” Busuttil said.

Reiterating his position to vote in favour of the spring hunting referendum in next April’s referendum, Busuttil pointed out that the PN will take a back-seat from debate on this issue so as to let the people decide.

“I will vote in favour of the derogation that that a Nationalist government acquired because I am consistent,” Busuttil said. “Muscat, who had criticised the derogation so heavily in the past, will vote in favour of it because he is an opportunist.”

With regards April’s local council elections, the PN leader said that work has begun on electoral programmes for localities.

“Although the government wants to suffocate local councils, we want to explain our thoughts for the localities to the residents,” Busuttil said.  

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