PN leader’s smokescreen claims ‘shocking’ – Labour

Labour Party says Simon Busuttil’s claim that new revelations on Enemalta oil scandal were smokescreen for higher fuel prices leaves much to be desired

Simon Busuttil on Reporter
Simon Busuttil on Reporter

The Labour Party has hit out at Opposition leader Simon Busuttil’s claim that new revelations of bribery committed by pardoned oil trader George Farrugia are a “smokescreen” for higher fuel prices at the pumps.

The PL said that the “shocking” declaration confirmed the Opposition leader’s political irresponsibility and that Busuttil left much to be desired for by not condemning former energy ministers.

“A serious leader would have condemned former PN government members… instead he now chooses to defend this scandal,” the party said in a statement. “Busuttil’s declaration once again tarnishes the PN in its entirety.”

The Opposition leader Simon Busuttil is claiming that news broken in MaltaToday that the state-pardoned oil trader George Farrugia was still securing gifts for government officials after 2005, was a “smokescreen” deviating attention from the expensive fuel prices on the market.
Malta is currently experiencing the highest price of petrol and diesel in the EU.

“The real issue here is the cost of diesel and petrol,” Busuttil said, whose party on Monday launched a website that shows the public the rate of fuel price increase.

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