Twitter backlash against Malta after spring hunting vote

Referendum result "speaks absolute volumes about the kind of people they are"

Malta was the subject of harsh criticism in the twittersphere as the news of the provisional referendum result broke worldwide.

Hundreds of tweets poured in under the hashtags #malta and #maltaslaughter, expressing disgust at the result and calling on the Maltese to be ashamed of themselves .

“The fact Spring Hunting is 'here to stay' by a majority vote in Malta speaks absolute volumes about the kind of people they are,” tweeted one.

One common theme in several postings is the idea of boycotting Maltese tourism. British politician Sir John Randall tweeted “Very, very disappointed. Spring hunting will remain in Malta. My boycott continues.”

“I know @ChrisGPackham  said we should visit Malta, but I'm sorry I can't go to a country that allows this,” and “SHout_Malta very sad...thank you to everyone who tried to end this awful killing. ..i won't be visiting Malta I'm afraid..can't bear it,” read others.

However, not all nature lovers expressed despondency - some are already looking to the future.One Raptor Camp veteran tweeted “Well, I'm ready to come and make sure hunters stick to the rules. The fight goes on." 

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